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- Recruiter at Crunchyroll
November 20, 2017

I've known MAJ Timothy Eng for a little over a year now and I am incredibly grateful to have crossed his path. He joined our unit in April of 2016 and while introducing himself to our small group of Soldiers; I was thoroughly impressed with his command presence, oration of his background and goals, and humility (West Point Grads, *ahem :)).

I made a mental note to formally introduce myself and learn more about Tim, and throughout the year asked a ton of questions to help guide my military and civilian decisions for my family's future. Every question I asked, he answered with sound advice that was backed by practicality rather than unrealistic goals and expectations. I can honestly say that the advice (coupled with advice from other mentors) offered by Tim has pushed me to pursue a Grad Degree in Computer Science and ultimately following my azimuth in entrepreneurship and application technology. Thanks, Sir!

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